We teach an enriched version of the Ontario Curriculum

focused on creativity, independence, and leadership

featuring the Real Life Skills Program.

Do you want MORE for your child’s education?

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“I would have never believed that one day in a different learning environment could have such a huge impact on a child.”

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A New Face on Education

Riverbend Academy was founded by Yvette and Derek Graystone to change the face of education.

A place where children have the freedom to see, touch and experience education in a way that encourages them to learn and excel. Riverbend’s highly qualified teaching team use their expertise and understanding in small class sizes to meet the needs of the whole student creating an environment that allows students to use their creativity and intuition to learn. Riverbend provides a safe, nurturing, tolerant community that supports a school culture where students participate, communicate and encourage each other to become strong positive leaders.

We guide each student to use critical thinking and independence to develop their vision and reach their goals.

arthelpRiverbend is a secular school that is dedicated to providing an enriched curriculum for both boys and girls from JK to grade 12 . Riverbend students find their passions and fuel their creativity, curiosity, and thirst for lifelong learning.

What Our Parents Are Saying

“Not only can she set goals, she has a clear idea of the steps required to achieve those goals.”

“Contrary to previous years, she is eager to go to school.”

“We feel now we have made the right choice and we have never looked back. It was the best decision we have ever made for him.”

“It is great that Riverbend Academy recognizes the importance of Real Life Skills and are actually implementing them.”

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Riverbend Academy Speaks

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