The U.S.S. (Ultimate Success Skills for Life) Program teaches our students the skills they need for a more productive, happier life full of success and enjoyment.


In this crucial time of inflated consumption, abundant credit, and record number of personal bankruptcies and business failures, Riverbend Academy is determined to create mindful consumers, investors, savers, and givers.

According to a University of Cambridge study, it is never too young to start. The study found that money habits are formed as young as age seven. However, like any habit, these habits can be changed through knowledge, training, and practice.

Another study demonstrated how unrealistic a view we, as parents, have about our children’s knowledge about money. This study asked parents to rate their children’s knowledge about money and finance. They found that 54% of parents rated their children’s knowledge as good or excellent, primarily based on the extensive training provided by those same parents. Those same children rated themselves as average or poor. Overall, only 26% of 13-21 year olds said their parents had ever taught them how to manage money.

Savings and investing are key elements that our students study. The concept of pay yourself first (the principle of saving and investing 10% of your income before you pay your bills) shows students the immense return early and regular savings can have. Over 93% of retiring adults wish they had started saving money sooner. Our students won’t have those regrets.

Mindful consumers are aware not only of value but also the realities of credit. Our students learn the difference between want versus need and the true cost of an item purchased on credit. We have open discussions about student loans and other forms of debt acquired during post-secondary education and balancing school and work. Our students learn the advantages of owning over renting, accelerating payment schedules, investment plans, and other financial strategies.

Finally, we teach our students on the importance and benefits of giving. As our students experience the abundance their lives have to offer, they learn to share that abundance and reap the many benefits of that generosity.

By the time they graduate, all our students leave Riverbend Academy with the tools to manage and make the most productive use of their money to ensure their continued prosperity.

Our guest lecturer for the Finance and Money Management section is Garry McMannis.

Garry was raised on a family farm in South Central Manitoba. In 1989 he took over the farm and operated it until 2005.

He has owned and operated a number of businesses throughout out his lifetime aside from the farm including his present role with Investors Group.

Garry has been with Investors Group since 2009 and in the Fall of 2012 he and his wife, Jackie moved to London when he accepted a position as Branch Manager in the London Downtown office.

As a Division Director I have a dual role with Investors Group. As a Consultant, my role is to help individuals and families achieve their financial life goals and dreams. As a Division Director, my role is to mentor others to build successful careers as Consultants and enjoy all the benefits that go along with such a rich and rewarding career.