The RLS (Real Life Skills) Program teaches our students the skills they need for a more productive, happier life full of success and enjoyment.

Life skills are skills, knowledge, and strategies you need to make the most out of life.

The best possible ideas will never become reality without the ability to communicate those ideas to others in a concise, precise, and exciting way.

Good communication skills benefits all areas of life. How clearly we express our thoughts, intentions, and objectives has an enormous impact on our success in life – not only academically but professionally and socially as well. Good communication is essential for our social and professional image.

Good communication includes not only written communication (such as letters, resumes, and even emails) but also verbal communication. How well we can express ourselves verbally in front of a large or small group or in a job interview can propel us to success or destroy our chances of advancement. Socially, can we tell a story or a joke? Can we hold our audience’s attention, controlling a situation without dominating the occasion? And how well do we communicate non-verbally? How aware are we about our body language?

Good communication begins with good listening. In our world of sound bites and video clips, good leaders are judge by what they say. However, truly good leaders are, first and foremost, good listeners. We must become effective listeners to prosper in communication. Good listening is the key to team building and morale development as well as reducing frustration and confusion.

Some areas of focus for good communication in the Real Life Skills Program include:

Public Speaking
How to Introduce Yourself
Critical Thinking
How to Tell A Story
How to Deliver Bad News
Job Interview Skills
How to Compliment Someone
Effective Listening
Being Empathetic
Influencing People
Writing an effective email
Effective Persuasion

These skills do not represent a single course. Rather, like all the RLS Program, students learn them throughout the course of their career at Riverbend Academy.